This installation completes the series of works, which constitutes the structure of the Body Proxy project.
ACME Inc. has a totally immaterial nature; it is an amplifier of the sound produced by the audience inside the space of the Kunstverein Freiburg.
Sound is actually transformed into light and this follows the intensity to the point of becoming dazzling in correspondence to the production of a powerful sound such as a scream at the top of one’s voice.
Here the de-materialized body finds visibility, which leads to excess through the will of the audience to reach the maximum (acme) sound aggressiveness.
The title refers to the concept of “corporation”, a non-physical entity which holds the legal status of an individual.

Spherical capacitor microphones, amplifiers, analog signal converter, analog lighting, console, light tension control circuits, halogen spotlights (30.000 W)
Photos and videos by Norma Jeane
Body Proxy, Kunstverein, Freiburg, 2005