RPM – In The Absence of Her Mistress The Bitch Jerks Off Screaming

A motorbike stands at rest, its engine off. As visitors approach, specially developed infrared sensors trigger the motorbike to start accelerating. As the RPM increases, the gallery is filled with a deafening noise. The motorbike slows down only when the viewers withdraw. RPM brings up themes of excessive and wasted energy, the erotic pull of attraction and repulsion and the extension of the will to power through technology. The work pays homage to Georges Bataille, inspired by his novel Histoire de l’oeil (1928).

Yamaha R1 1000 cc, 3D-infrared camera, electronic and electric components, specially developed software’s, exhauster, rubber pipes, variable dimensions
Courtesy Attilio Carmine
Body Proxy, Swiss Institute, New York, 2005