Be Another You

Held in Antwerp on 30th April 2011, Be Another You was a collaboration between artists Norma Jeane and Tim Etchells (writer, artist and founder of theatre ensemble Forced Entertainment), whereby the space of Objectif Exhibitions was transformed into a changing room. For one day, members of the public could discuss their desired transformation with consultants Ann Weckx, Raphael Julliard and Mariana Castillo Deball who then dispatched them to a few of Belgium’s best known make-up artists, hairstylists and costumes advisors.

Be Another You was part of a larger umbrella project run by Norma Jeane and named For Real! which is preoccupied with challenging the conventions of public art.

Photos and videos by Caroline Vincart
Be Another You, Objectif Exhibition, Antwerp, 2011