Blind Trust

A “Blind Trust” is an arrangement in which the financial holdings of a person in an influential position are placed in the control of a fiduciary in order to avoid a possible conflict of interest.
The installation consists of a round table covered with numerous transparent glass bottles, jars and jugs. These are completely filled with drinkable colorless liquids, most of them with alcohol. In this context a “blind trust” is given to specific fiduciaries, i.e. taste and smell instead of sight which reigns undisputedly over contemporary art and representation in general.
Blind Trust invites to direct participation, to an engaging experience. Participation implies consequences and changes (the alcoholic inebriation) and a personal definition of limits and responsibilities. At the same time, the impossibility of being able to distinguish the beverages puts all participants on the same level, in a sensual collective ritual that places a conspiratorial meeting of the eyes in the center rather than the object (the colorless liquid).
The work was especially conceived for Frankfurt, city where the headquarter of the European Central Bank is based.

Clear glass recipients, clear alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages, table and mix materials
250 x 250 x 75 cm
Photos by Sascha Rheker
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 2013