Naked Lunch – The Dark Room Enlightened

All participants had to leave their clothes, shoes and any other personal belongings in the changing cabinets before entering the space. Here everything was conceived to experience collectively some of the most basic, yet powerful, vital functions: eating, drinking, caring after one’s own body, socializing (feelings of excitement, embarrassment, sexual attraction and repulsion included), engaging alterations of mental and physical faculties, and more. The best food and wine, lounge music, soft bathrobes and first class minimalistic restaurant accessories were the complementary ingredients to this sensual experience carried out in complete privacy. Guests (up to 12) were totally free to organize by themselves the area and its content for the whole duration of the session (up to 5 hours). In the Naked Lunch area the only rule was that there were no rules! In case someone felt offended by the behavior of other participants, the only option was to leave.
The project pays homage to Piero Manzoni who realized in Herning some of his most stunning masterpieces. Manzoni’s great talent allowed him to mix metaphysics and glitters creating what he called a “total space” of thought and action that ended up to coincide with the whole world (Socle du Monde).

Photos by Steen Gyldendal
Courtesy Lars Damgaard
Credits: A Hereford Beefstouw, Podernuovo a Palazzone
Socle du Monde Biennial, Heart Musem Herning, 2012