#OneLove is a plasticine parallelepiped that evokes the rainbow flag; inside, however, it hides a black and white intersection, as to acknowledge and celebrate the complexity of human being. It is a collective work in progress, which changes in time and space thanks to the continuous enjoyment of the public, who interacts with it by modelling and reshaping the material it is made of, throughout the duration of the installation.

Any symbol (flag, emblem…) by its nature states to be immediately recognisable and immutable, but Norma Jeane in the #OneLove project allows the symbol to transform into a territory of play and interaction. Plasticine, a childish and malleable material, opposes the idea of cautiousness towards the symbol: each visitor is free to sculpt anything, mix colors, knowing that anyone can later destroy or reshape what has been made.

The symbol becomes a platform for physical interaction, it thins its representative and therefore political power, returning to the person, to his or her body, to the individual gesture, ultimately recoding all communication. The political arena and the manifesto speech leave the place to a playground and an invitation to participate: let’s go and play!


Production: Area Museo delle Culture, Progetti Interculturali, Arte nello Spazio Pubblico, 24 ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24 ORE and with the support of Fondazione Deloitte
Curator: Katya Inozemtseva
Photos: the artist
Video: Aldo Rinaldo Marchesini, courtesy MUDEC
MUDEC Museo delle Culture, Milan, 2022/23

Production: Kunst Meran