Lady Loo – Rose Sélavy vs. R.Mutt

This installation was designed and realized on the occasion of the exhibition “Rundlederwelten” which inaugurated the cultural events of the Soccer World Championship in Germany.

Lady Loo is a particular stadium restroom that is totally functioning. Conceived for a female audience it includes a row of urinals for women that are being manufactured in Malaysia and are exclusively used in Muslim culture countries. The installation refers to the specific male nature of the soccer event and, by exposing the genitals of the female users to the audience, it underlines a condition of discomfort and estrangement. The title quotes Marcel Duchamp’s opposite sex alter egos.

Urinals for women, mixed materials
14 x 2 x 3 mt
Photos by Katja Fischer
Rundlederwelten, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, 2006